My goal as a pet dog trainer is to help with the communication between you the owner and your pet. Over the years I have learned a lot of the same problems crop up not matter what size or breed of dog you may have.

All training is done on an individual’s needs. This includes a simple request for training advice.


Do you have a problem focusing your puppies attention on you when out for a walk for example?

My advice then would be how to gain that attention and what you can do to use that for training recalls.


Encouraging your pet to want to be with you. through positive and friendly motivation.


The reason choosing to do this via email and not in person is I want to reach those people who have not the time or for whatever reasons are embaressed to ask for help.


A more challenging training example would be if your pet reacts to people or dogs as you walk past them.


You would need help on control and especially about the safety of those you are walking by. The contents of your advice would be more detailed. Including a training plan to help you focus on your pets needs.


Not all problems can be helped by online advice. This service is not aiming at replacing the more tradition avenues of dog training I am aiming to take the mystery out of training your pet. To steer you and your pet down a better human pet path. Think of my service as a training book that actually explains in detail how to follow the advice giving.



Tailoring a detailed training program. Unique to you and your pets needs. We look at you as an individual consider my online training if you find a more traditional approach hard to fit into your schedule. Or if you need a bit more detail of how you should train. This form of help is perfect. Distance learning can be easier if you have a problem dog that causes you embaressment in public places. For instance barking or jumping up at people.



Payments can be made via paypal use my contact to ask for more details.

  • Basic lessons Fees - £5 eg. Puppy problems.
  • Individual Problem solving -£5 eg. Barking at night.
  • Full email support with progress over a 4 week period - £10 eg. Behavioural issues.

Problem Pet


No dog is too old to learn given enough time most can. As can their owners. I spend a lot of time going over the basic goals, clarifying any issues you may have not understood no matter how small.


Things like toilet training, barking and recall to name but a few. When you ask for a trainers advice and help I listen to each individual case and tailor training to best fit your needs.


If I feel yours is a problem not suited to my online training methods I will let you know. In some cases even steer you to a better method of training for you personally.


A detailed private lesson will help you monitor your pet's progress. Occasionally you will be asked to complete a detailed diary of a week's activities. This is solely for your use to help you manage your own dog's needs. I will never without your permission use your details for anything other than our training. It stays private?

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