My goal as a pet dog trainer is to help with the communication between you the owner and your pet. Over the years I have learnt a lot of the same problems crop up not matter what size or breed of dog you may have.


A puppy is for life but they do require some training to be that perfect pet. My training methods are easy to follow and I am here to explain in detail if you have a real problem.


My lessons are via email so you can always refer back to them.


You can expect straight forward advice. This is an alternative to the traditional training methods. Gentle consistent training guides tailored to you and your dog. No worrying about if you’re misunderstanding a direction in class. You will have it as an emailed lesson you can print and keep. Any problems just ask no embarrassment what so ever! I can explain things in greater detail, or alter an instruction to suit your personal needs.

As you can imagine no two individual needs are the same. They are totally different. Not all problems can be helped by online advice. I am aiming to take the mystery out of training your pet. To steer you and your pet down a better human pet path.


My service is an email based training guide that actually explains in detail how to follow the advice given. Often it is a simple change of how you react and the problem is sorted, or avoided.


If I can explain how and why you need to follow my advice and you benefit from following that advice, my work goal is complete.

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Spring Ideas

•During the spring the weather can be changeable. One minute it's dry the next pouring with rain.


•Take along a bottle of water and a small bowl. Some dogs love to paddle in rivers and lakes. Make sure you know of any risks before you encourage your pet to enter the water.


•I start to take water for my dog to drink as the weather warms up. Puddles are fine for splashing through you just don't know what else is in the water.


•Check your pet’s fur for any unwanted extras hidden in the fur. Such as grass seeds and burrs. Look to see if those parasites such as ticks are having a doggy snack. Paws can be cut walking on unseen dangers ice can hide a glass shard for instance. Not to mention all that salt on our roads. Clean your pets paw’s after a walk just in case.


Think safety first!